Sedation Dentistry

Many patients experience anxiety just thinking about sitting in the dental chair. At the Charleston, SC dentist office of Dr. R. Edward Hudgens, our team of dental professionals is here to help you overcome your dental anxiety and get the care you need to maintain your best dental health. If you struggle with dental anxiety, ask Dr. Hudgens about our sedation dentistry options.

Sedation dentistry is perfect for patients who have experienced previous trauma in the dental chair or for patients who experience anxiety and stress in medical situations, often triggered by the sights and sounds of a medical office. Dr. Hudgens works with patients to identify their underlying fear and to educate them on all aspects of their treatment which can often alleviate stress. When necessary, we offer sedation to ensure complete comfort during your treatment.

Learn more about our available sedation dentistry options below.

Sedation Dentistry


Dr. Hudgens is an experienced general dentist in Charleston, SC. He is happy to help patients overcome their dental anxiety. Dr. Hudgens is known for providing compassionate care in a warm and welcoming office environment. However, Dr. Hudgens can offer different sedation options for patients who fear the dentist or have had bad experiences in the dental chair.

The following are our available sedation options:


Dr. Hudgens can prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to be taken before your appointment. A friend or loved one should accompany you to and from our practice if you intend on utilizing oral conscious sedation. While the medication will not put you to sleep, patients are fully conscious and at ease during their required procedures. Additionally, this sedation option often has an amnesiac effect on patients, allowing them to forget that any of it ever happened!


In addition to oral conscious sedation, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide sedation involves using a nose covering to administer a medicated gas that puts patients in a state of relaxation. The effects of the gas quickly wear off once the mask is removed from your nose. This means you can comfortably and consciously undergo dental care without experiencing any associated anxiety.


Sedation dentistry is most commonly used for patients with dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist. It allows them to get the care they need, whether it’s just a routine dental visit or more extensive procedures. Because patients with dental fear tend to avoid coming into the office, they may need multiple dental procedures to restore their smile and oral health.

However, sedation can benefit a variety of other patients. If you have a movement disorder, getting dental care can be difficult. The dentist works with tools that can be sharp and dangerous to the soft tissues in your mouth. Involuntary movements put you at risk of experiencing an injury. Sedation relaxes these movements and allows you to get safe dental care. Nitrous oxide can also be used for children who may need longer procedures and have difficulty sitting through.

Sedation is great for any patient that needs excessive dental work. It keeps patients relaxed for a longer period of time, so the dentist can get more work done in one sitting. Sedation also helps patients that have a bad gag reflex. The gag reflex fights the dentist while they’re trying to work and causes discomfort for the patient. Sedation helps to relax this reflex so that care is comfortable for everyone.

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Our team is committed to providing a positive patient experience when you visit our Charleston dentist office. If you suffer from dental anxiety, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hudgens. Our goal is to help you enjoy going to the dentist again, so you never feel the need to skip out on preventative or urgent dental care.