Tooth Extraction

Occasionally, a tooth may need to be safely removed from your smile to improve your dental health. Whether your tooth is impacted, you’re experiencing an overcrowded smile, or your wisdom teeth have begun to grow, it’s important to know who to call when you need a tooth extraction. The Charleston, SC dentist office of Dr. R. Edward Hudgens offers comfortable tooth extractions, utilizing sedation dentistry when necessary to keep patients calm and comfortable every step.

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Tooth Extraction


Dr. Hudgens is an experienced general dentist in Charleston, SC. While his goal is to help patients preserve their natural smiles and avoid tooth loss, occasionally, there is a need to remove a tooth for the greater good of your dental health. Dr. Hudgens provides tooth extractions for patients needing safe and professional tooth removals in our Charleston, SC dentist office.


A common cause of patients needing a tooth extraction is wisdom teeth growing in. When your wisdom teeth grow in, you are usually in your late teens or early twenties. This can cause problems with your smile because your other teeth are already in permanent positions. Wisdom teeth growth can cause teeth shifting, jaw pain, and even dental decay if the teeth are allowed to erupt in the far backs of your mouth.

Dr. Hudgens can provide you with wisdom tooth removal services to restore your smile and peace of mind. Regular dental visits allow Dr. Hudgens to monitor the progress of your wisdom tooth growth and take action early if they’re going to cause problems with your smile.


Other extraction reasons include severe trauma, decay, or overcrowding in your mouth. Dr. Hudgens will do a complete examination to determine if extraction is the best course of action for you. We do our best to preserve the natural tooth structure whenever possible, but there are cases where extraction is something that can’t be avoided.

If we decide an extraction is the best option, you’ll be scheduled for an extraction appointment. To start, we numb the entire area around the tooth with a local anesthetic. We want you to be comfortable for your procedure. Using specialized tools, we slowly detach the ligaments connecting the tooth to the bone and tissue. We rock the tooth gently back and forth and slowly remove it from the socket.

In rare cases, incisions in the gums are necessary to ensure the tooth is completely removed. Teeth that break off at the gum line and teeth that are severely decayed may need this treatment. We clean out the socket completely and disinfect it. Depending on the situation, we may add stitches to help with the healing process. Gauze presses on the socket to help start the clotting process.


If you have recently had a tooth extracted, it’s important to take care of the extraction site following your procedure to ensure proper healing. Keeping the extraction site clean is very important. Patients should avoid chewing around the extraction site and rinse their mouths with a homemade saltwater solution to prevent food residue from building up around the affected area. Additionally, patients should take it easy for a few days following the procedure, avoiding any heavy lifting or strenuous activity that may prolong the healing process.

Dr. Hudgens will provide you with a complete list of aftercare instructions following your tooth extraction procedure.

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