Should I Get Cosmetic Teeth Bonding?

Have you noticed that your smile has lost some of its luster? Over time, the appearance of your teeth can change, leaving you with a smile that you no longer feel happy with. You can consult with your dentist to find a cosmetic treatment that will boost the look of your smile.

Teeth bonding uses composite resin sculpted according to your smile goals. Many patients can achieve the smile of their dreams with this cosmetic dental treatment. Read on to discover four ways that teeth bonding treatment can enhance the appearance of your smile.

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What Can Teeth Bonding Do for My Smile?

Cover Stains on Teeth

Teeth can accrue stains if you consume dark-colored foods or drinks on a regular basis. Over time, tannins may absorb into the tooth enamel, leaving dark discoloration behind on your smile.

While brushing your teeth can remove surface stains from your smile, your oral hygiene routine will not get rid of deeper discoloration. Your dentist may recommend tooth bonding to cover stains and give you a brighter-looking smile.

The tooth-colored composite resin can make your teeth appear whiter while a polish at the end of the procedure ensures that they still look natural. Bonding may be subject to staining, so be careful when you consume substances that contain staining agents.

Amend Small Chips and Cracks in Teeth

Though your teeth are durable, withstanding regular wear and tear, accidents can happen that may crack or chip a tooth. This type of injury can disrupt the look of your smile, but it could leave your teeth vulnerable to infections and other concerns.

You should reach out to your dentist promptly to resolve tooth breakage. Dental bonding can cover small chips and cracks in a tooth. More severe damage may need a restorative solution like a dental crown to properly fix the dental structure.

Fill Gaps Between Teeth

A gap between your teeth can interrupt the alignment of your smile. But it could also harm your oral health. Food can get trapped in this space of your mouth, which could erode the enamel of your teeth over time.

Your dentist can resolve this type of spacing issue in your smile by filling it with the teeth bonding process. More severe malocclusions and bite problems will likely need an orthodontic solution rather than a cosmetic one. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to find the best dental treatment for your unique smile.

Reshape Irregular Teeth

If you have a misshapen tooth, you may be unhappy with the way that it impacts the look of your smile. Whether the tooth has worn down over time or you suffered an injury to the tooth, your dentist can help you restructure its appearance with dental bonding.

The dentist can use the resin to mold a new and improved shape to the tooth, hardening it into place with a specialized light. With proper care, you can enjoy the aesthetic enhancement of teeth bonding for three to ten years.